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We always encourage our users and sellers to communicate with each other when there's a problem with a transaction or order. The first step is to contact the seller(user) through site e-mail system and try to resolve the problem.

I didn't receive my item
My item doesn't match the seller's description
Report an item, service
I have a problem with an item I received
If you tried to work things out with your seller and did not reach a resolution in three business days, please feel in the Resolution Form below.
collllor will review your case get back to you within 48 hours.

I want to cancel the order.
You can cancel the printing order only before the production has started.
If you must cancel the order after this stage, please contact your seller and ask the seller to agree to this. Escalating cancellation fee from 3% to 100% from the order may be applied in this case, depending on the seller's policy.

The buyer and I agree to cancel a transaction
Within 10 business days the refund will be issued to your bank account.

Cancellation by Seller:
We care about our users' experience on collllor. It is highly unlikely that Seller cancels your order. Our policy is that Sellers have permission to cancel the order within 6 hours after receiving. Sellers can exceed this time limit only two (2) times per year to accommodate unexpected circumstances. If the seller has 3 late cancellations, his/her account will be permanently removed from the site. In case such a cancellation happens, please inform collllor's customer service about it.  

If your problem is not listed here please fill in the Resolution Form.
collllor will contact you within 48 hours.


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