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This is how Collllor is different:

Premium professionals pre-vetted by Collllor. Verified sellers reviews
Updated information on price to secure the best deals.
Detailed information and visual examples of materials and methods
Instant comparison of pricing and features side-by-side
Personal concierge makes sure your orders are hassle-free
Price transparency and Collllor Payment Protection Plan

The use of images with various visual effects in advertising increases sales by 51% lamp

real projects. Real Stories

Hi! Still have questions?

What is Collllor and how does it work?

Collllor profits those who need custom printing with national printing professionals. Collllor makes sure that the decisions about what to print are done based on direct prices and features comparison.

Sellers' reviews and all payments are utterly protected. Every payment remains in an escrow account until the order is delivered. Whether you are launching a new project and require a whole set of products, or looking for help with a single project – Collllor will make sure you are completely satisfied.

When you will need an assistance, your personal ordering concierge will inspect your files and requirements, and will help you with the right choice at no cost to you.

Is there a minimum quantity?

No. There are no limitations, as we work with trade-in partners who will provide you with everything you need depending on your size, budget, and deadlines.

How can I be sure of quality?

Collllor is screening every partner for the highest quality standards.

Before you order, request free samples from each seller. The platform allows ordering a FREE electronic approval and hard copy approvals. You can also contact your seller from their profile pages directly to avoid any misunderstanding.

The rating, especially, helps you to make the right choice. Our buyers rate printing professionals after each order, therefore you’ve always got a say.

Do you offer Blind Shipping?

Many of our partners do. Please filter sellers to see who is offering blind shipping, pick-up services and more on the product page.

Can I cancel the order after I paid?

Yes, you can. Orders are available to cancel at any time while they are in "previewing files" mode. Your seller receives your order, downloads and checks files,sends approval, if you had requested it in the cart, and once the order is approved - it moves to a production mode.

Once your order status will show "In Production", you will not be able to cancel the order.

Please note, your sellers have the rights to cancel the order within 12 hours after the order was placed. We allow 3 cancellations for sellers and highly discourage them to do so. However, if they still canceled your order, you will be notified immediately, and we will refund your money in full.

Do you have templates?

Yes. Almost every product in the catalog has a link to the template for your design

I need it for the next day. Can you do it?

We know speed-to-market is essential. Our partners offer ultra-fast turnaround times including Same Day Delivery in many locations.

How does my ordering concierge help me?

Collllor is a team of passionate professionals highly experienced in design and printing processes. When you register your account, place your first order or simply request a call back, Collllor connects you with your personal ordering concierge. He(she) will assist you in:

  • Revising your job specs and finding solutions in the catalog
  • Finding qualified printing pros for your project
  • Getting you up to speed on Collllor's online work tools
  • Answering questions and providing one-on-one support
  • Scheduling reorders for you and checking that all products were delivered at the right time and location with no hassle.